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  • Andes and Amazon Multisport

    Discover the best of Ecuador's Andes and Amazon -- a world of immense biological diversity, friendly smiles and ancient traditions. Explore it all while biking, rafting and hiking the volcanoes, rainforests and cloud forests that make Ecuador such a special destination.

    9 days / Year round except June, From $2350 p/p

    Either A Recommended Custom Itinerary Or Group Trip

  • Ecuador Odyssey

    Explore the very best of this wonderful little country! We include ample time in the capital city of Quito, an escorted trip down the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Cuenca, a famous train ride, 4 days in the Amazon Rainforest, and a day at the famous Otavalo Indian market.

    12 days / Year round, From $2400 p/p

    Combination Recommended Custom Itinerary And Group Trip

  • Huaorani Ecolodge

    Experience the Amazon Rainforest through the eyes of the Huaorani—an isolated ethnic amazon group that lives in the far reaches of the Ecuadorian “Oriente”. They’ll share with you an overview of their life in the rain forest—one that intertwines nature and culture.

    4 and 5 days days / Year round, From From $807

    Group Trip Offered As A Component To A Complete Itinerary

  • Huaorani Kayak Expedition

    Explore Ecuador's Amazon while interacting with the remote Huaroni people. Kayak the quiet rivers through primary and secondary rainforest as you observe wildlife, and visit Huaorani communities and learn about their history, culture, and everyday lives.

    8 days / Year round, From $1575

    Either A Recommended Custom Itinerary Or Group Trip

  • M/V Aria Amazon

    This luxury cruise down the Amazon River in Peru gives you a feeling of being completely transported to a new natural world. Experience new discoveries as you explore remote places along the Amazon by water and by foot, spot unusual wildlife, and meet with local native people.

    4, 5 and 8 days / Year round, From $3825 p/p

    Group Trip

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