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  • Antarctic Peninsula aboard the M/V Plancius

    Sail from Argentina to explore the classic Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands. Your home is the M/V Plancius, a comfortable expedition style vessel with comfortable cabins, expert guides and crew. Explorations are by zodiac boat and on-shore, with options for kayaking and camping.

    11 days / January & February, From $7950

    Group Trip

  • Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands

    With the expedition ship the M/V Plancius as your “home” base, sail from Argentina to explore the classic Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. Enjoy comfortable cabins, talented guides and a friendly crew. Explorations are by zodiac boat and on-shore walks, with options for snow shoeing, kayaking and camping..

    12 days / December, From $7900

    Group Trip

  • Antarctic Peninsula-Basecamp Plancius

    Discover the Antarctic Peninsula from the expedition vessel the M/V Plancius - but with a delightful new concept. The ship creates a base for several days allowing you to explore by a variety of activities: camping, hiking-snowshoeing, photo workshops, kayaking or soft mountaineering.

    11 or 12 days / Nov thru Mar (5 departures), From $7200

    Group Trip

  • Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

    Our most extensive expedition cruise on the M/V Plancius! Unique bird, marine and wildlife greet you at every stop. Observe tens of thousands of king penguins, the world’s largest flying bird (Wandering Albatross) and seal (Southern Elephant Seal) scattered amongst the abundant wildlife. A “must” for naturalists, photographers and world travelers.

    19 or 20 days / Nov-Dec; Jan & Feb, From $14,250

    Group Trip

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