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  • Best of Panama

    Explore the very best Panama has to offer! You'll bird watch in virgin rainforests, visit a coffee plantation in the wildlife-rich cloud forest, take a motorized canoe through the rainforest to an authentic Embera Indian village, and enjoy a spectacular boat ride for a partial transit of the famed Panama canal.

    10 days / Year round , From $2995 p/p

    Group Trip

  • Birds of Panama

    An in-depth exploration of avian diversity in Panama. With your expert birding guides you'll explore all of Panama's important eco-systems including the two great mother lodes of avian diversity. Highlights include Resplendent Quetzals and Umbrella birds in the West as well as four types of Macaws and Harpy Eagles in the East.

    14 days / January thru April, From $2895 p/p

    Group Trip

  • Panama Journey Between the Seas

    Discover everything about the Panama Canal--its history, culture and wildlife as you spend 7 days on board the deluxe live-aboard catamaran, the Discovery. Each day your expert guides share with you a different realm of the canal and its environs. Panama Canal transit included!

    7 days / March thru November, From $3850 p/p

    Group Trip

  • Panama Multi-sport Adventure

    Enjoy hiking, river rafting/kayaking, and snorkeling while exploring the wonderful cultures of Panama.

    8 days / Year round, From $2500 p/p

    Recommended Custom Itinerary

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