Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

It doesn’t get much better than this! The Falklands offer a broad variety of spectacular wildlife, rough scenery, fascinating geology, maritime history, good hiking and, of course, the warm hospitality of the people.  King penguins, breeding colonies of albatross, and extensive marine mammals will be but a few of the highlights. You can also expect to see plentiful marine life, include dolphins, whales, sea lions and seals.  Saunders Island alone boasts 4 different species of breeding penguins: Magellanic, Rockhopper, King and Gentoo.

Next stop is South Georgia—located 850 miles to the east of the Falklands.  Huge numbers of seabirds and marine mammals breed along South Georgia's Tussock Grass fringed shores. Save for the rusting remnants of the old whaling stations, the island is virtually unspoiled by man and so offers unique opportunities to observe the unparalleled wildlife and spectacular scenery.

Before returning to the South American continent, you’ll take a few days to explore the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, including the stunning volcanic crater island of Deception.


2016 departures

Nov 29-Dec 17

2017 departures

Jan 18-Feb 5
Feb 15-Ma 6


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