Colombia--The Real Experience | Trip Notes


2014 Rate/
Per person*
4 people/
2 double rooms
2 people/
1 double room
Main trip/10 days $1995 $2595
Plus airfare**: Bogota-Pereira-Bogota $175-$250 $175-$250

**airfare based on rates current as of August 1, 2014 and subject to change

*Plus local tax

Trip Notes

  • **For a more multi-cultural Colombia experience, consider joining this tour 5 days early for a fascinating look into Amazonia culture.Please see separate Colombia's Amazon Experience itinerary for details.
  • These travel experiences will include physical activities such as; walking, hiking, horseback riding and cycling - so you’ll want to have a reasonable level of fitness. They might also include farm work activities. These optional activities will usually last anything from 2 to 4 hours.
  • A percentage of your trip cost is donated to a water management project to provide safe drinking water to rural communities, and to a local reforstation project. Both projects have been created and funded by our local office in Colombia, and your hosts for this journey.
  • This trip is offered on group departures approximatley every month with the final cost will depending on the number of participants.  Private departures can be arranged for any departure date.
  • On certain occasions, due to factors beyond our control we might need to change and / or amend our itineraries. Please also take into consideration that during public holidays some businesses may close and travel times may increase.



Iitnerary works best with Friday arrival to Bogota


4 people/
2 double rooms
$1995 pp

2 people/
1 double room
$2595 pp

**plus taxes

Travel Style
either a recommended custom itinerary or group trip