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Located 2700 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island was first discovered by Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutch explorer, on Easter Sunday, 1722. “Rapa Nui” as it is known by the natives, consists of a small Polynesian population. They also use the term Te Pito o Te Henua or “The Navel of the World”--which is exactly the feeling you will experience as you explore this remote island!

The lucky people who venture to this isolated land will spend time exploring the fabulous open air museum--ancient stone figures, quarries, roads and towers are among the mysterious remains of unknown civilizations. Easter Island is famed for its 600 moai (ancient carved stone figures), which reach up to 30 feet high. Not only is there a mystery as to why these carvings were made, but also as to why the civilization that created them disappeared.

Our programs allow time to take in the major archaeological sites all across the island, as well as a visit to the local museum and crafts center. As travel times are dependent on Lan Chile flights from Santiago (service two or three times weekly, depending on the season), you may also have a free day to explore on your own--relax at one of the beaches, or horseback ride in the countryside

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Hotel Gomero with
Group Tours $725
Private Tours $825

Puku Vai Hotel with
Group Tours $795
Private Tours $895

Altiplanico with
Group Tours N/A
Private Tours $1150

Hare Noi with
Group Tours N/A
Private Tours $1425

(all rates pp/based on double room)

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